How to take care of a rice cooker

With these tips, you can keep your Rice cooker clean & ready

  • Since the rice cooker is a mechanical thing, there is no need to wash the table by rubbing it like a pot. It is enough to wipe lightly with a dry cloth.
  • Rice cooker pans are usually nonstick. Therefore, pegs or steel spoons cannot be used in the pot. You can use a nonstick spoon, wooden or silicone spoon.
  • The rice cooker pan cannot be washed in hot conditions. It should be washed and cleaned with soft majuni or soft cloth when it is cold.
  • Care should be taken while cooking so that the amount of water does not become too much. If the amount of water is high, the water may boil and fall into the rice cooker. This can lead to mechanical faults in the rice cooker. So we need to give a little consideration to this.
  • The Rice cooker should be connected where the power connection is good. Power cannot be connected to a shaky plug.
  • After cooking, some of the food gets hard under the pan a lot of the time. Soak it in water without rubbing it, soften it and then wash it by hand.
  • Save electricity by using a rice cooker. Cook rice without hassle.

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