Know the rules of using a rice cooker

Nowadays we do not get time to cook properly due to our busy schedules. We are running from that morning until night. Therefore, we do not have time to cook. In addition, that is why almost everyone has chosen a cooker for cooking rice or curry. Rice cookers are gaining popularity now. Nothing beats this for cooking in a very short time. By its name, one might think that only rice can be cooked in it. However, the interesting thing is that not only rice is cooked in it; curry is also cooked in it.

It can be done and so now everyone is choosing the same for cooking. Fueled by the current, it can cook different dishes in an extremely brief period. However, although we all use the cooker, many of us do not know much about its proper use. There are certain rules for using a rice cooker, which if not spoil it quickly if not followed since it runs on electricity, sometimes accidents can happen. Therefore, we should use it according to the right rules. So today let us know how we should use the rice cooker.

Rules for using rice cooker:

  1. A Rice cooker can cook both rice and curry. However, it is best to cook only rice in it. Clean your rice cooker thoroughly after cooking. Particularly the internal part where the rice starch amasses ought to be cleaned well.
  2. While cooking rice in a rice cooker, the rice starch emerges through the top. Along these lines, cleaning this starch after cooking is vital. In any case, this freezes, and the cooker top breaks. Therefore, these starches should be cleaned after cooking.
  3. Rice cookers ought to continuously be kept in an open, very much-ventilated region of the kitchen. The steam that emerges from the rice cooker can make your kitchen smell on the off chance that there is no appropriate ventilation. Thus, the rice cooker ought to be kept in an open spot or close to a window.
  4. The cooker is electric, so you have to be careful while using it. It ought to be turned off after cooking. Care ought to be taken that water does not enter inside the cooker in any capacity. Otherwise, there may be a danger due to a short circuit. If the power goes out during cooking, keep the switch off. Try not to open the top while cooking is fragmented after the power goes off.
  5. Some cookers in the market today can control the temperature. For this situation, many individuals increment the temperature for quicker cooking. It cannot be done. Rice cookers should always be cooked at room temperature. While cooking, it is not advisable to use high temperatures for quick cooking.

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