Best Scissors and Kitchen Shears to Find the Best Ones

A nice set of shears is necessary for every kitchen. Indeed, I don’t use mine as frequently as I do a chef’s knife or a kitchen scale, but it’s a tight race. They do much more than help me with cooking-related activities, though any good pair should be excellent. As it is in your home, the kitchen is the hub of activity in mine. As a result, I usually reach for my kitchen shears. Whether it’s a block of rice that has been vacuum-sealed, a new piece of kitchen equipment that is enclosed in one of those obnoxious bombproof plastic shells, or the most recent Amazon order, I open packing with them.

I disassemble boxes. I snip chicken backbones, crack open airtight coffee bean bags, and cut parchment sheets. My kitchen shears are probably the ones I’ll use if I need a pair of shears for anything. They play such a significant role in my everyday activities that I hang them from a hook on a rail in my kitchen. What else is given precedence on that train, by the way? Bottle openers I. Bottle openers are frequently attached to key chains. That is very significant.

Knowing which kitchen shears are the best is useful given how much use they can endure. To determine the partners that aced every activity, I put 12 of the top-rated pairs through a series of tests.

5 Best Kitchen Shears – Editor’s Recommended

The Best Kitchen Shears: Shun Multi-Purpose Shears

Shun Multi-Purpose Kitchen Shears

Shun Multi-Purpose Kitchen Shears
Best Shun Multi-Purpose Kitchen Shears

Shun’s shears are described as multipurpose, and indeed they are, but they are kitchen shears at heart given their specific features. They established the standard for superior heavy-duty scissors, being powerful enough to quickly remove the back of a chicken and sharp sufficient to snip chives shears could ever hope to, and they come with all the accoutrements a good pair of kitchen shears should (even if you never use half these things): bottle opener/lid lifter, flathead screwdriver head, nutcracker, jar opener, bone notcher, and more. Furthermore, you may fully clean them from top to bottom because they detach at the hinge.

Another Great Pair of Kitchen Shears: Kai Kitchen Scissors

Kai Kitchen Scissors
Best Kai Kitchen Scissors

Although Kai’s Kitchen Scissors don’t have as many features as our favourite pair (i.e., no bottle opener, nutcracker, or other multitool-like features), they are still a respectable Powell-built product, sharp, and successful in all of our testing; they can easily handle most tasks. Furthermore, the hinge allows for easy disassembly for cleaning.

With a bottle opener, jar lid lifter, jar opener (grippers built into the handles that offer traction for twisting a stubborn lid off), flathead screwdriver heads (one on each handle), a nutcracker, and a bone notcher, Shun’s Multi-Purpose Shears are the Swiss Army knife of kitchen scissors. Although there are other shears available that have those characteristics, this one was the best in all of our tests despite having them.

It needs a take-apart hinge that can be thoroughly cleaned and handle loops that are wide and comfortable enough to fit most hands. In addition, it functioned equally well in my left and right hands, making it a pair of shears that anyone could use.

Kitchen Scissors Shears 10″ Titanium Coated

Titanium Coated Shop Shears
Best Titanium Coated Shop Shears

The Wiss 10″ Titanium-Coated Shop Shears, which have larger handles for large hands, are our runner-up selection if you can’t get the Kai shears. They don’t come in a real left-handed mode and they don’t cut wrapping paper as easily as the Kai shears do. However, the full-tang construction ensures years of use and the long blades cut through clamshell packs as easily as Excalibur.

Fiskars The Original Handled Scissors

Fiskars The Original Handled Scissors
Best Fiskars The Original Handled Scissors

If you do not want to spend nearly $20 on the Kai shears right now, the Fiskars Original Orange-Handled Scissors offer nearly the same performance for basic cutting applications. However, they will not last as long since the Fiskars’ softer metal blades will not keep as sharp as models that are long and more expensive and because severe handling can cause the plastic handles to break.

OXO Good Grips Multi-Purpose For kitchen shears

OXO Good Grips Multi-Purpose Kitchen
Best OXO Good Grips Multi-Purpose Kitchen

Nevertheless, “ordinary” all-purpose scissors are not always the greatest option. OXO Good Grips Kitchen and Herb Scissors are the finest pair if you are searching for a pair of snips to keep in the kitchen since they have sharp, detachable blades, a micro-serrated blade for holding slick raw meats, roomy handles, and a great warranty. These quickly and cleanly chop raw meat and fresh herbs, unlike other versions that let stuff slide.

In our tests, they easily cut through a variety of materials, including clamshell packaging, parchment paper, and marshmallows. The blades separate for simple cleaning, and one micro-serrated edge holds onto slick meats and seafood. The handles are wide enough to fit most hands and have some cushioning for comfort, though this did not make a difference in our tests. Finally, these outperformed comparable shears thanks to OXO’s happiness guarantee.

Supervision and Care:

  • After using your scissors, wipe the blades down with a soft cloth to remove any residue or tiny particles that can harm the blades. To prevent rusting of the blades when using carbon steel scissors, add a few drops of home machine oil to the cloth.
  • Put a few drops of oil on the blades near the pivot and around the pivot screw if the blades start to become stiff or difficult to shut. Then, open and close the scissors several times to work the oil into the mechanism. Once the scissors can operate smoothly once more, use a soft cloth to dry the blades and the screw pivot.
  • Sharpening common scissors can be done in a variety of ways. If you have spent money on a good pair of scissors, you can find a professional sharpener nearby; contact your neighbourhood hardware or fabric store to learn when they provide sharpening services. The typical price for this service is less than $10 for each pair of scissors.


  • You may get a sharpening stone specifically designed for scissors for about $10, or you can use the same sharpening stone you would use for your high-quality knives and pruners. The idea behind how to sharpen scissors is straightforward, despite the abundance of videos and instructional websites online. Because a scissor blade is a knife, it too may be sharpened. Then, simply unscrew your scissor blades. Sharpening two knives.
  • Many “advice” on the Internet advise you to sharpen scissors by cutting sandpaper or aluminium foil. Cutting tough materials will undoubtedly sharpen your blade by removing any remaining muck and smoothing out any burrs and rough places. But because it won’t grind down the edge of the blades to the proper angle. It won’t sharpen your scissors’ blades and could even make them dull.
  • You can mail some scissors back to the maker for sharpening if all this sounds too troublesome. The procedure of sharpening Ginger’s scissors takes three to four weeks. You might be tempted to put your kitchen shears through the dishwasher, but to safeguard the edge. we advise hand washing and swiftly drying your shears. Stainless steel is particularly susceptible to corrosion in a dishwasher with hot water and potent surfactants.
  • Sharpen each serration on a pair of kitchen shears with serrated blades. you need a special sharpening tool that resembles an ice pick or an awl. You would be better off taking them to a skilled knife and scissors sharpener who has the necessary equipment.


Can the kitchen shears be washed in the dishwasher?

Yes, however, the dishwasher will accelerate the blades’ deterioration. Any tool with a sharp edge will exhibit this.

What may kitchen shears be used for?

There are a ton of cooking uses for kitchen shears (such as cutting herbs or removing a chicken’s backbone), but there are also a ton of useful non-cooking uses as well. It may be read here.

Can kitchen shears be sharpened?

Yes, you can sharpen kitchen shears on a whetstone just as you would a knife, to give you the quick answer. Numerous hardware stores also provide sharpening services for various tools, including shears and scissors.

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